HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH uses SBO from enycon to optimize work processes in the quote process and in document storage

HEWI provides comprehensive system solutions in the areas of building fittings, sanitary accessories and accessible products. The products are characterized by high functionality, exceptional design, superior quality, and intergenerational use. In this way comfort and accessibility are a given. At HEWI, attention is paid to even the smallest detail. Which results in systems that are perfectly tailored to one another. The modular system enables
individual planning – whether for highly frequented sanitary units in public buildings, for high quality design of prestigious offices or luxurious fittings in accessible bathrooms.

Heinrich Wilke GmbH was founded in 1929. Today, the family firm has around 550 employees worldwide. The HEWI production plant – which has since grown to 43,000 m² – is based in Mengeringhausen in the north of the state of Hesse. The administrative headquarters are in the neighboring town of Bad Arolsen.

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"With the help of SBO we' ve reached our set goals confidently"

Markus Lenz, Project Lead IT – HEWI GmbH, Bad Arolsen

Sales and distribution as the motivator for a pilot project with clear goals

During the optimization of internal processes in quote management, it became clear that SAP® ERP was unable to map the new process model in the area of email dispatch. In particular, the lack of functionality for sending emails with several attachments led to the creation of time-consuming workarounds using PDF Creator and Lotus Notes. As part of a pilot project it was therefore necessary to find a software solution that would close the functional gap in email dispatch. In addition, the software should support central, comprehensible and legally watertight document storage, using the existing archive system.

A solution was required that would be flexible enough to fit in and be integrated into existing structures. In a competitive comparison, enycon’s Send Business Objects (SBO) came out on top. SBO promised to be a lean, flexible solution allowing room for customizing, in other words for individual adjustments. And it offered very good value for money.

Within one day SBO had been installed on site, and the test team of the pilot project had been trained. The installation went smoothly, as SBO was able to be integrated into the existing SAP® ERP system without modification. SBO was intuitive to use, and from the beginning the team was convinced. They particularly valued the possibility of creating their own text templates.


The result: Measurable business effects and satisfied employees

By using SBO, HEWI was able to achieve effects that noticeably improved work processes in the Sales and Distribution department.


Markus Lenz, Project Lead IT at HEWI, sums up those effects as follows:

“Using enycon’s Send Business Objects (SBO) we can now easily send detailed quotes by email!”

“Our employees are very pleased with the option to use text modules that are suggested automatically and in the respective customer language, adjust them to suit their individual requirements and then simply add additional attachments. SBO also ensures that sent documents including all attachments are stored in a comprehensible and legally watertight manner. This improves the research possibilities in our document archive. SBO is used frequently at HEWI. How we know this: Our email usage has increased considerably – and conversely we are sending fewer and fewer documents by fax or post. Overall I can say this: “With SBO we work more efficiently, save time and save costs!”

After the Sales and Distribution department served as a pilot project in 2013, Purchasing also started working with SBO. As well as the sending of purchase orders, the emailing of outline agreements directly from SAP® was also optimized. In Sales and Distribution, quote dispatch will soon be joined by automatic invoice dispatch via SBO.


Overview of the benefits of Send Business Objects (SBO)

Send Business Objects enables the smooth sending of emails directly from SAP® ERP. SBO is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness and can be integrated into existing SAP® landscapes without issue. From individual emails to fully automated email transmissions – SBO opens up new avenues:

  • Send several file attachments, for example order confirmations,
    product information, quotes and invoices directly from the
    SAP® application document.
  • Create individual emails
  • Benefit from automatic SAP® Mail suggestions for recipient, text and attachments
  • Archive and document your correspondence centrally and comprehensibly

Find out about the many further benefits of SBO!

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Our goal was clearly formulated: We wanted to create a quote process in our Sales and Distribution department that would allow us to send high-quality quotes in an email with several attachments from within the SAP® quote document, and to archive the sent documents in a consistent and legally watertight manner. With enycon’s Send Business Objects (SBO) we have achieved our goal!


Markus Lenz
Project Lead IT – HEWI GmbH, Bad Arolsen